Our Team

The Organizational Structure and Management

The Oriental Garment Co., Ltd.’s business priority is placed on providing efficient service including the production of only high quality product lines that meet world-class standards. The company also emphasizes the continual development and enhancement of all products and services in order to ensure high standards while keeping up with the dynamic garment industry. This, in turn, has allowed Oriental Garment Co., Ltd. to operate in consistent with the market demands–offering a greater product variety and in a timely manner. In this regard, the company has also established the comprehensive production lines through its 4 existing textile manufacturing facilities, each of which encompasses an independent production process, from the first step of cutting and sewing all the way through packaging for the final export. This has allowed the company to generate a sufficient supply of products to accommodate the growing market demand while all facilities are governed by a single comprehensive management system.

The system of production for all facilities must be well in consistent with the policy set by the Marketing Department. This particular department is divided into 5 divisions, which will all ensure that the Production Department is able to manufacture goods which will satisfy the constantly changing market demands, with great efficiency and coverage.

In addition, the company has recently extended their product line to include knitting products, apart from the existing woven fabric product line. This move demonstrates the company’s flexibility and commitment to accommodate every market demand possible. Currently, very few garment suppliers are able to achieve such production capability, with 2 production lines fully installed within the same facility. Regarding the demand of skiwear and outerwear, the company also specializes in such complex product types that involve garment seam sealing and welding.

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